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"Aloe can be applied to the skin to reduce the effects of sun exposure."
Added: 0.37.00
Type: Material
Storable: Yes
Usage: Crafting
Effects: Removes sunstroke and sunburn
Spoils: No
Obtained from: Farming
Stack: 4
Food: 0
Water: 0

The Aloe Vera item is a farmable plant used to make Aloe Salve which is useful for curing sunstroke/heatstroke/sunburn.


It can also be consumed to cool down the user and prevent heatstroke, but it will not prevent it like Aloe Salve. Once harvested, Aloe Vera plant can be planted and Farmed.


Aloe Salve.png
Coconut Flask.png


Update History

Version Type Description
Update 0.41.01 New Sun exposure is kept track of in-game, which is shown visually as sunburn on your arm. If you are exposed for longer than the time it takes to burn you’ll get Sunstroke. When you’ve contracted Sunstroke you need to find shade to reduce your sun exposure. You can keep track of your sun exposure by checking for visual signs of sunburn on your arm. Aloe plants can be used to immediately reduce your sun exposure. This can be a simple way to prevent Sunstroke if you pay attention to the sunburn arm effect and re-apply every so often so it doesn’t escalate into Sunstroke. The other option is to be pro-active and craft Aloe Salves which will completely prevent any sun exposure and Sunstroke for 12 hours. Sleeping in a Shelter is a quick way to remove Sunstroke if you’re unable to craft a salve.
Exp. Update 0.39.00 New Added Aloevera consumable. Stops Sunstroke.
Exp. Update 0.39.00 Map Editor Added Aloevera plant to Map Editor.
Update 0.38.00 New Added Aloevera consumable. Stops Sunstroke.
Exp. Update 0.38.00 New Added new Aloe Plant to cure Sunburn.
Exp. Update 0.37.00 Note The effect of the sun on the player now correlates to a ‘UV Index’ shown on your watch. The UV Index is an indicator of harmful solar UV radiation. It ranges from Low, Medium, High, Very High and Extreme. It is affected by the time of year with the months from June-September being the most deadly. This will be tied into a game setting in the future, but just keep that in mind if you’re finding the sun too intense. There are also heatwaves which increase temperatures and the UV index. When there is a heatwave the temperature icon is replaced with a heatwave icon on the watch display. The UV index affects how quickly you burn from the sun:

-11+ Extreme – 1 hour
-8-10 Very High – 2 hours
-6-7 High – 4 hours
-3-5 Moderate – 5 hours
-1-2 Low – Effectively never. If you are exposed for the corresponding amount of time you will get Sunburn effect. This effect drains your thirst and hunger until it has worn off. The new method to remove Sunburn is to use the new plant, Aloe. You can find Aloe dotted around islands like other plants and it allows you to cure a Sunburn immediately. Aloe is also farmable. As you progress you will also be able to craft an Aloe Salve to cure and prevent Sunburn from happening. Aloe Salves will be incorporated with a new station and arm effects in a coming update. As before, you can also find shade for x game hours to remove Sunburn.

Once you have Sunburn it will deplete your thirst and hunger completely within 2 game hours. This gives you plenty of time to find shade or Aloe. Keep in mind that even when your hunger and thirst are fully depleted it still takes approx. 3 game days to deplete your health (if you have no other status effects). So you have quite a lot of time to fix your problems!

The temperature shown on your watch now displays the ‘apparent temperature’ which is how hot it actually feels based on the humidity. This temperature currently doesn’t contribute to any status effects, but we may look at restoring Heatstroke based on the apparent temperature – However, sometimes realism doesn’t equal fun!