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Fishing Spear
Fishing Spear
"A refined hunting tool with good durability.
Useful for hunting."
Added: 0.15.00
Type: Tool
Storable: Yes
Usage: Hunting
Obtained from: Crafting
Stack: 4
Damage: 20
Thrown Damage: 10
Durability: 250

The Fishing Spear is a craftable tool item found in Stranded Deep.


Fishing Spears can either be crafted or found in Lockers within Shipwrecks as well as Wood Crates. It is a weapon allowing the player to hunt fish or crabs (by stabbing) and to weakly injure larger animals (by throwing).


Fishing Spear.png


The following are useful tips for when the player is divjng for fish.

-A general rule of thumb is that the farther out you go, the bigger and better fish you begin to get. By the shores are crabs and sardines, and a bit out into the water you will begin finding archer fish and discus, and even deeper out, you will begin finding grouper fish and cod.

-While diving away from the shallows, be extremely cautious as there are several threats you have to avoid. These include:

Lionfish, the spiky red and white fish. if you see one, it is safe to catch and hold, but be careful because if you touch it either in the sea while swimming about, or happen to step on it if you caught it and dropped it on land, it will give you the poison status effect, which is by no means fun.

Another venomous creature are the sea urchins, hiding among the coral. They seem quite rare, but its likely because they blend in so well. In either case, if you see a spiky ball on the seabed, do NOT go touch it. They are much less of a threat than the other poisonous creatures because they cant move, but that doesn't mean they wont give you a nasty gash.

Sea snakes are the third and final venomous critters you can find while diving. They are long, eel like creatures with black and white stripes adorning their body. If you touch them, they will give you the poison status effect.

Last but not least, how could we forget them. You know them, you've died to them, of course, watch out for the sharks. There are two types of sharks you can encounter on an island, Hammerheads and Tiger sharks. The rest are found out in the ocean between islands.

A telltale sign that a shark is nearby is that the music will change to a much darker tone, and you can occasionally hear them swishing around.

Like real life, sharks are not gonna just charge at you on sight. In fact, most of the time, they are just curious and will go away. If a shark begins closing in on you, or circling you, then maintain eye contact with the shark. Keep the crosshair on it, and it will retreat for a few seconds. Sharks are smart creatures, and like to ambush their prey, hence why if you look right at them, they will flee and come at you from a different angle. This tactic will sometimes not work if the shark is too close before you look at them, though, and they might still either grab you, or ram into you, sending you flying a short distance. ( Their Ai can actually be used to your advantage if you want to hunt the shark, as you can turn your back for a bit to lure them closer to you, before turning around and landing a hit or two on it)


  • Despite the fact that the Fishing Spear possesses the same amount of durability and deals equal stab stamage as the Crude Spear and deals less damage than the latter when thrown, it is still described as a "refined tool", whereas the Crude Spear is decribed as "crude".


Update History

Version Type Description
Exp. Update 0.45.01 New Added new Spear sound effects.
Exp. Update 0.43.02 Fix Fixed Great White shark destroying Spears and Arrows when killed.
Exp. Update 0.40.00 Change Changed Spear animations.
Update 0.38.00 Change Changed Spear animations.
Update 0.19.00 Fix Fixed objects ‘moving’ incorrectly when picking off Spears.
Exp. Update 0.18.02 Fix Fixed objects ‘moving’ incorrectly when picking off Spears.
Exp. Update 0.18.01 Fix Fixed regression for frozen Projectiles inc. Spears and Arrows
Update 0.15.00 New Added new Fishing Spear item!