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Update 0.11.00.png

Update 0.11.00 is an update for Stranded Deep released on March 18, 2016.

There are quite a few new items and gameplay tweaks. This build introduces new saving functionality and gameplay. From now on the only way you can save your progress is via a Shelter or Bed. This means shelter will be one of your biggest priorities when first starting the game.

Vitals have been adjusted and there is now more importance on your thirst. With the increased need for fresh water 2 new items have been added – a Water Still and a Water Collector. A Water Still is useful as a slow but sustainable source of fresh water, where the Water Collector can be used to boil and collect salt water. Along with thirst, a new vital has been added – Sleep. It’s pretty straightforward, you will need to sleep to maintain your sleep vital. If your sleep vital is depleted you will not be able to sprint.

A new way to preserve meats has also been added. A Smoker can be crafted and attached to a Fire Pit to allow you to smoke and preserve meats to prevent them from spoiling. Food that has been smoked will not spoil. It’s important to remember that this can take some time for larger meat. Crabs and Shark meat can take up to 12 hours to smoke so you will need to get them smoking fairly soon after catching so that the meat doesn't spoil before it is smoked.

The starting Water Bottle and Knife have been removed. You will now be required to create a basic Stone Tool to be able to cut down or harvest resources on an island. It’s a pretty rubbish tool but it will allow you to gather resources to create better tools. Drinkable Coconuts can now also be refilled like a Water Bottle, but with a smaller capacity. The Camp Fire’s mechanics have also changed slightly and the details are covered in the patch notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed literal bugs on Lantern highlighting.
  • Fixed Bed sleeping until 12:00 am instead of a full 9 hours.
  • Fixed billboard lighting not updating after sleeping.
  • Fixed Camp Fire particles getting culled incorrectly with different camera angles.
  • Fixed a possibility of the loading screen failing to fade out after loading when skipping the tutorial.


  • Removed starting Knife and Water Bottle.
  • Changed Save game functionality to require a Shelter or Bed.
  • Added notification hint for Watch functionality.
  • Added Thirst and Health reduction while sleeping.
  • Adjusted Thirst and Hunger vitals.
    • Your thirst now depletes in 1 game day and your hunger depletes in 3 game days. When your thirst or hunger has depleted you will begin to lose health. Your health will deteriorate in 24 game hours and when your health is depleted you will die. If thirst and hunger are kept above 70% you will regenerate your health in 24 game hours.
  • Changed Coconuts so that only Coconut Half’s spoil.
  • Changed Drinkable Coconuts to now be refillable like the Water Bottle.
  • Changed Yucca and Potato growth to work off new game time.
  • Changed spoiled food to destroy after 5 days when re*entering a zone.
  • Added Farming Plots getting watered by rain even if not in the same zone.
  • Added Buckets getting watered by rain even if not in the same zone.
  • Added ability to extinguish Camp Fires.
  • Converted Camp Fire burning time to operate on new game time.
  • Converted Food cooking times to operate on new game time.
  • Converted Player Stats and effects to operate on new game time.
  • Improved Player item IK movement with the camera.
  • Improved Camera positioning when looking at Watch.
  • Added ability to jump to stop using a Raft.
  • Added new Rain sound effect.
  • Added new Rain particles.
  • Added underwater blur effect.
  • Added main menu warnings to detect some systems that don’t meet requirements.
  • Optimised reflection probe rendering.

New Content

  • Added updated Camp Fire!
    • The Camp Fire has been updated with a new model and mechanics. The mechanics are described in the Crafting Snapping patch notes.
  • Added new Shelter craftable item!
    • This is now one of two ways to save your game. You can choose to sleep or save by interacting with the Shelter.
  • Added new Sleep vital!
    • Your sleep now affects your abilities. For now, if you’re running low on sleep you will not be able to sprint.
  • Added new Crafting Snapping mechanic.
    • Some craftable objects now function in a similar way to a building. You can build a “base” object which can then be extended with more attachments. A good example of this is the Camp Fire – It can be extended with a Fire Pit. Likewise, the Fire Pit can be extended into a Fire Spit. The Fire Spit can also be extended. This system allows crafting smaller constructions to be more customizable and modular like the building system.
  • Added new Solar Fresh Water Still craftable item
    • You can now craft a Solar Water Still to create fresh water. This is one of only a few ways to procure fresh water in the game and will be vital to your survival. You will need to find the items to create within a day or two after reaching shore. Having a steady fresh water supply will also be needed for farming as salt water will negatively affect the hydration of your plots.
  • Added new Fresh Water Collector craftable item
    • You can now craft a Water Collector. You can create fresh water from this item by boiling seawater and collecting the run*off. A Fire Pit extension is required to place a Water Collector.
  • Added new Smoker craftable item!
    • You can now craft a Smoker that attaches to your Camp Fire. You can use a Smoker to smoke and preserve meats to prevent spoiling. A Camp Fire Pit extension is required to place a Smoker.
  • Added new Hobo Stove craftable item!
    • You can now craft a Hobo Stove that attaches to your Camp Fire. A Hobo Stove functions like an upgraded Spit – allowing you to cook multiple items unattended. A Camp Fire Pit extension is required to place a Hobo Stove.
  • Added new Fibrous Leaf item!
    • Lashings are now crafted with the new Fibrous Leaf item you can gather from plants on the islands.
  • Added new Building models
    • Various building tier models have been tweaked and now have more LOD levels.
  • Added new Bucket model.