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Update 0.46.00 is an update for Stranded Deep released on July 2, 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing Fire Lighting sounds.
  • Fixed paused audio sources Audio causing clipping.
  • Fixed Highlighting effect not being affected by AA.
  • Fixed Aloe Salve not removing sunstroke status effect.
  • Fixed Farming Plot interaction displaying “Hold to Plant” when occupied.
  • Fixed Shipping Containers not spawning.
  • Fixed Audio settings not using correct logarithmic values.
  • Fixed Sharks and Bosses flying off when hit with projectiles.
  • Fixed Refined Hammer missing building audio sounds.
  • Fixed Fishing Rod breaking interaction when crafted and auto*stored in backpack.
  • Fixed large CPU performance overhead caused by Fish AI visibility check.
  • Fixed other objects not obscuring Highlighting outline.
  • Fixed Water Still consuming Fibrous when collector is full.
  • Fixed Paddle audio sounds playing incorrectly.
  • Fixed Billboards staying brightly lit after lightning.
  • Fixed Rain inside structures.
  • Fixed Rain underwater.
  • Fixed Ficus Trees not blocking sun UV rays.
  • Fixed Player ‘falling’ on small bumps.
  • Fixed Player climbing ledge unintentionally.
  • Fixed Jumping being disabled when near rafts, ladders and ledges.
  • Fixed Fibrous Leaves flying off when harvested from yuccas.
  • Fixed Dust Particle specks on intro scene.
  • Fixed Projectile Trails getting wrong positions.
  • Fixed Rafts disabling dragging occasionally.


  • Added New Mining Clay/Rock sfx.
  • Added New Spear sfx.
  • Added New Air-tank use sfx.
  • Added deploy Life Raft Sea Anchor sfx.
  • Added retrieve Life Raft Sea Anchor sfx.
  • Added deploy Sea Anchor sfx.
  • Added retrieve Sea Anchor sfx.
  • Added Rudder operate sfx.
  • Added new Cliff material textures.
  • Added new Forest terrain texture.
  • Added Color Profile graphics setting.
  • Added Seagull ‘soaring’ behaviour.
  • Changed Campfire to allow attached cooking. Interact with the campfire whilst holding meat to attach it to the built in fire*spit.
  • Improved Selecting accuracy for controllers.
  • Improved Underwater visuals.
  • Improved Highlighting effect performance.
  • Improved Loading error handling.
  • Improved Island Generation loading times.
  • Changed Island Generation. Newly generated Island are much larger with more realistic terrain.
  • Changed Farming Plot to add 1 water per hour when raining.
  • Changed Young Palms to respawn after 48 hours.
  • Changed Building to allow placement near cliffs and rocks.
  • Changed Clay Water Bottle name to ‘Water Bottle’.
  • Changed Food Rations name to ‘Rations’.
  • Changed Fibrous Leaves to add 1 hour of fuel to campfire.
  • Changed Palm Frond to add 2 hours of fuel instead of 4.
  • Changed Snakes to spawn only in shallow waters.
  • Changed Lion-fish to spawn only in shallow waters.
  • Changed Water Still to be drinkable on*site.
  • Changed Water Still to add 1 water per hour when raining.
  • Reduced Storm audio volume.
  • Reduced Gyrocopter audio volume.
  • Reduced Farming Plot water usage by half.
  • Restored Marlin animal.
  • Restored Whale animal.
  • Removed starting Missions from Sea Forts. You can now find missions out in the open.
  • Disabled Fire Lighting if campfire fuel empty.

New Content

  • Added new Tube Corals.
  • Added new Table Corals.
  • Added new Fan Corals.
  • Added new Brain Coral.
  • Added new Staghorn Coral.
  • Added new Sea Clam.
  • Added new Sea Cucumber.
  • Added new Starfish.
  • Added new Poisonous Starfish.
  • Added new Underwater Coral.
  • Added new Shoreline Seaweed.
  • Added new Island Bush.
  • Added new Island Tree Foliage.
  • Added new Tiger Shark model and animations.
  • Added new Splint craftable item! Can be used to heal Broken Bones.
  • Added new Player Limp animation for broken bones.
  • Added new Shark Encounter soundtrack.
  • Added new Audio FX!
  • Added new Hammer Building audio.
  • Added new Water Footstep audio.
  • Added Farming Plant audio.
  • Added Farming Water plant audio.
  • Added Skin Leather audio.
  • Added Skin Crab audio.
  • Added Skin Meat audio.
  • Added Life Raft ambient audio.
  • Added new Speargun sfx.
  • Added new Bow sfx.
  • Added new Metal Door opening and closing sfx.
  • Added new Fire Lighting sfx.

Dev Notes

  • Added checks to prevent physics causing Drowning on load on slower systems.
  • Changed Stingrays and Reef Sharks to use variation of new Fish System.
  • Reduced CPU overhead for Physics objects that run in fixed time step.